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Utilization Review

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MEDEX is proud to have earned URAC accreditation for Utilization Management. The designation demonstrates MEDEX is dedicated to quality and safety.

Although Utilization Review is known to be one of the most effective cost containment tools within the Workers’ Compensation industry, unfortunately the cost of UR can outweigh the benefit.

Offering a simple solution to this complicated process, MEDEX can provide the most highly managed and cost effective UR services currently available in the industry, with state-of-the-art systems, efficient processing, and consistent results.

MEDEX will automate the application of specific, proven medical protocols, based on ICD10 codes, in a consistent and timely manner. Using an automated review system, MEDEX will decrease the cost and timeframe associated with approving the most common requests received. MEDEX will apply medical resources only where and when necessary, not on every request!

MEDEX will determine if treatment requests are from network providers if appropriate, and will integrate with Claims and Bill Review processes. Learn the facts on the true costs and net savings of an effective program. Experience the benefits of our commitment to excellence and quality service.


Cost Effective Utilization Management:

  • Client input to medical protocols are followed on every request
  • Determine if requests come from network providers if appropriate
  • Robust client reporting
  • Flat rate pricing at every level
  • Electronic data interface
  • Excellent customer service


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