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MEDEX is a specialty Workers’ Compensation Managed Care company providing services for California employers and claims administrators. Workers’ Compensation costs continue to increase due to rising medical costs, inflation, fraud, and the list goes on. The MEDEX focus goes beyond the medical cost of claims. Our goal is to reduce your medical, legal, administrative and overall claims cost. (THE ENTIRE COST OF THE CLAIM)

MEDEX provides effective Workers' Compensation cost containment services for California employers and claims administrators. Products and services include, but not limited to:

  • Health Care Organization (HCO)
  • Medical Provider Network (MPN)
  • HCO + MPN
  • Utilization Review (UR)
  • Medical Bill Review (MBR)
  • Nurse Case Management (NCM)
  • Medicare Set-Aside (MSA)
  • Legal Support
  • ADR (Carve-out)




Simple. Strategic. Smart.

The MEDEX Advantage Program bundles our exclusive HCO + MPN program with managed care to offer the most powerful cost containment tool in the Workers’ Compensation industry.

Medical and Legal Control Over the Riskiest Period of a Claim

MEDEX is the only source offering the HCO + MPN program, which gives employers full control over the choice of medical provider for the crucial initial period after injury. Unlike other network administrators who profit from excessive treatment by their providers, we take no percentage of treatment costs.
We’re successful when we generate savings for our clients across the entire life of a claim, so our networks include only providers invested in giving your employees prompt, appropriate care for their industrial injuries.

Coordinated Cost Containment, from Injury to Claim Closure

The MEDEX Advantage Program fully harnesses our legal, medical, and business expertise for a coordinated attack against unnecessary spending and avoidable exposure.
Our managed care services leverage our relationships with MEDEX network providers for prompt medical treatment and reports, accurate billing, and much more.
Coordinating all managed care services means we can chart a direct course for returning the employee to work while minimizing costs along the way.

Streamlined Administration

Your claims team can rely on a single, efficient, integrated source for anything related to managing the medical treatment of an injured worker.