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MEDEX is a specialty Workers’ Compensation Managed Care company providing services for California employers and claims administrators. MEDEX is a Health Care Organization certified by the Division of Workers’ Compensation to provide a complete program of health care services to treat work related injuries and illnesses. We specialize in administering HCO, MPN, Nurse Case Management, Utilization Review, Medical Bill Review, and ancillary Managed Care programs to help reduce Workers’ Compensation claim cost.

MEDEX has administered these advanced cost control techniques since 1994 to reduce medical claim costs, while at the same time, delivering quality medical treatment to the injured workers. The goal is to deliver a combination of quality and cost effective programs. MEDEX clients have been utilizing the MEDEX program to maximize their medical control under the California Labor Code which results in overall lower claim costs for over a decade.

The MEDEX team is known throughout the Workers’ Compensation industry for their expertise, professionalism, and focus on measureable healthcare outcomes. MEDEX is committed to managing your Workers’ Compensation Medical and Legal costs.