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We’re Here to Handle It

MEDEX is committed to good partnership throughout the Coronavirus pandemic with urgent, coordinated, and strategic guidance and services. Our Risk Mitigation Support unit is here to handle the flood of serious challenges presented by COVID-19 so you can keep your business on track, now and in the future.

Why Your Organization Needs Specialized COVID-19 Support

We know our clients want a workforce that is healthy and safe, and the pandemic has made that a hazardous burden for all. Governor Gavin Newsom’s Executive Order of May 6, 2020 means that any COVID-19-related illness is presumed compensable in Workers’ Compensation for employees working onsite during California’s stay-at-home order. That creates new and unique risk exigencies for employers that is projected to cost up to $1.8 billion, according to the WCIRB.


COVID-19 Claim Hazards

  • The presumption applies retroactively, so COVID-19 cases appearing before May 6 may become difficult-to-manage claims.
  • Claims must be fully investigated and rejected within 30 days of filing. The presumption of compensability can only be rebutted by evidence discovered subsequent to the 30-day period.
  • COVID-19 cases can increase in severity quickly, especially when the employee has certain health risk factors.
  • COVID-19 can affect multiple organs, including the lungs, kidneys, heart, GI tract, and skin. Comorbid conditions can contribute to the effects of the disease and become part of the industrial claim.
  • The Coronavirus is highly contagious and an employee may be infectious in the workplace before or without having symptoms.

Our Objective is Controlling Costs and Risks

As employers face this avalanche of liability, their winning defenses will come from knowledgeable, comprehensive planning and nimble, conscientious execution. In-house expertise in medicine, case management, law, and managed care best practices mean that we understand the multidisciplinary approach necessary to target the most precarious factors in a COVID-19 Workers’ Comp case. Our COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Support system includes access to the right medical resources, intensive case management, and the expertise to drive better outcomes.  

Our Risk Mitigation Support System

How We Handle It

A Vetted, Dedicated Network of Providers

  • Harnesses our network advantage to maximize medical resources and information sharing
  • Identifies the best and most appropriate COVID-19 care facilities and specialists for each case
  • Provides enhanced access to Telehealth resources

Medical Management Trusted by Claimants, Claims Examiners, and Employers

  • Captures crucial health, medical, social, and other pertinent information
  • Identifies, assesses, and triages risk factors
  • Adapts to the rapidly evolving evidence-based treatment recommendations for COVID-19 with the most updated MTUS regulatory search sequence results
  • Develops individualized care plan options to address risks
  • Monitors the situation daily
  • Provides regular updates to client and claims team for informed decision making
  • Schedules prompt appointments
  • Delivers COVID-19-relevant summary reports to providers for expedited care
  • Facilitates coordinated communication, appointments, and UR to efficiently execute care plan
  • Recruits and educates the claimant and their families in recovery efforts and preventing the further spread

Outcome-Driven Expertise

  • Escalates care and transition support
  • Coordinates health clearance and RTW support
  • Focuses on reducing duration of disability from COVID-19 complications (such as post-ARDS syndrome and post-intensive care syndrome)
  • Focuses on reducing case volatility related to COVID-19 complications (such as cardiopulmonary dysfunction, infections, problems due to prolonged bedrest, and neurological issues)

We're Here to Handle It

Clients who use the MEDEX Advantage service bundle already have access to our complete COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Support unit.

Some cases require more intensive support than others. Contact us for pricing on a particularly complex case or for COVID-19 support for your entire program.

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