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As the Workers’ Compensation industry evolves, many important items pertaining to our clients and the operation of our programs are updated. MEDEX will provide you with information pertaining to the Department of Workers Compensation and news sourced directly from the DWC themselves, and will keep you up-to-date with any legal updates pertaining to MEDEX specifically as well as the industry as a whole.

The MEDEX team is known throughout the Workers’ Compensation industry for their expertise, professionalism, and focus on measureable healthcare outcomes. These experts are committed to offering our clients their expert opinions on everything going on within the Workers’ Compensation industry.


MEDEX Conference Participation:

“The MEDEX team continues to network within the Workers’ Compensation industry and other related industries by attending and exhibiting at various conferences. We’re excited to share with our clients some of the excitement that goes on while mixing with other industry professionals. Check out our gallery of conference and event photos!”