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It is your employer's goal to provide you a safe working environment. Keeping you well and fully employed is the first priority. However, should you become injured at work, we help you return to your job as soon as possible. California law requires employers to pay for all appropriate medical treatment for on-the-job injuries. MEDEX will be there for you to make sure that you receive the appropriate medical treatment and patient education.

In MEDEX, our medical experts will assign a "gatekeeper physician" to you. If a specialist is needed, your "gatekeeper physician" will send you to one and continue to coordinate your medical care.


Why do you need an HCO or MPN?

If you are unable to work due to an injury, your income usually drops. MEDEX takes the responsibility of working with you, as well as your doctor and your employer, to get you back to work and full pay as quickly as possible. Our years of experience in the Workers’ Compensation Managed Care arena has allowed us to contract with physicians who are properly licensed and credentialed and are appropriately focused to provide you with a high level of quality medical care.


Did you experience a work-related injury or illness?

In the event you experience a work-related injury or illness, follow these steps:

  1. 1. Notify Your Employer – Report any work related injury or illness to your employer and obtain a medical authorization and directions as to where to go next.
  2. 2. Ask your employer what provider you currently use.
  3. 3. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the corresponding provider for your place of work and search for a provider within that medical provider network (MPN).
  4. 4. For more questions, please call MEDEX offices requesting help from our provider relations staff at 949.221.1700.


For Urgent Care - For urgent problems such as fractures, cuts, or minor allergic reactions go directly to your MEDEX medical provider or to an urgent care facility.


For Emergency Care - In the case of emergency, which is defined as a need for those health care services provided to evaluate and treat serious medical conditions of recent onset and severity that would lead a prudent layperson, possessing an average knowledge of medicine, to believe that emergency care is required, go to the nearest healthcare provider regardless of whether they are a participating provider with MEDEX. Once your condition is stable, contact your employer or MEDEX to assure your continued care.

For Non-Emergency Specialty Care - All non-emergencies which require in depth medical testing or a rehabilitation program must be authorized by your MEDEX medical provider.


To find a provider, please select the network your employer currently uses: