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Alternative Dispute Resolution


Carve-out programs allow employers and unions to create their own alternatives for workers' compensation benefit delivery and dispute resolution under a collective bargaining agreement. 

As an employer’s service provider in the Workers’ Compensation industry, we know that many larger businesses and public entities are frustrated and limited by the administrative burden, conflict, and excessive cost of navigating the Workers’ Compensation system in California. However, it doesn’t have to be an unpleasant cost of doing business. A MEDEX carve-out, authorized by California law, will create a customized process for handling your unionized employees’ injuries that works for your business instead of hindering it.

With MEDEX as consultant partners in your carve-out, you will have access to our expertise and experience in negotiations with unions and development of workers’ compensation solutions for specialized industries. MEDEX will also provide full administration of the carve-out program, formulate an alternative dispute resolution plan according to your needs, develop an effective and objective medical provider network, provide mediators and other personnel needed to facilitate the alternative dispute resolution system, limit attorney involvement to reduce costs and gamesmanship, maximize your return-to-work programs, and more.



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